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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The best way to have breakfast in Jerusalem is to sit next to someone carrying a gun.

We met our friend at breakfast and then had her come speak to our traveling companions about her life. She has quite the testimony.  It was good to hear how G-d has worked in her life.  We have known Suzanne for more than 20 years. Great to see her again and catch up on what is happening in her life.

The wind began to pick up this morning and got stronger as the day progressed. Now we have a sand storm blowing in off the desert and it has started to rain a bit.  We went to the Jerusalem Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls but for some reason it was closed. Again - when all else fails we shop!! Tomorrow if weather permits we will visit the Dead Sea. Our time is quickly coming to an end. Please pray for our last few days here.  

Stormy day in Jerusalem. Hopefully it will be a peaceful day.