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Monday, November 02, 2015

Monday in the city, from art to a gathering of old men.

Today was our day to work in the soup kitchen. We walked past the shuk, past the central bus station and on our way enjoyed some Israeli art.  The red in this picture is a giant poppy that opens up when a person walks by. Below is one fully open.  Very creative.

After we enjoyed the poppies we walked on to find the soup kitchen. After 45 minutes of walking and looking and a couple of phone calls to the manager we gave up and walked back to the shuk. We consoled ourselves with shopping and eating.

We saw this deep thought written on the wall above a shop in the shuk.  
Do you agree? Real eyes realize real lies. Not easy to say.

Then we moved on to a famous Iraqi restaurant, "Azura" and enjoyed a delicious lunch. Below is a close up of Musaka, a dish of eggplant and ground beef in a wonderful spicy sauce.

Across from the restaurant was a large gathering of elderly men playing cards and bat gammon. David joined them, looking over their shoulders as they played along with a few other on lookers. You can pick David out in the picture - he's much younger than the others.  At least 50 men playing games and not one woman in the place. I'm sure they are all home cooking and cleaning while the guys are out playing games.