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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Today has been filled with wonderful opportunities, stories that would break your heart and smiles of gratitude.  We started the day by going to the local "SuperSol" or grocery store and buying food for 6 families.  We bought six large bags of potatoes, six bags of onions, carrots, rice, pasta, juice, chickens, etc.  Then, when we got to the parking garage with carts of food and cars blowing their horns as they drove around us trying to park, we were trying to divide up the food so each family would get the same amount. We were feeling a little light headed from all the car fumes by the time we got the food divided. Then we set out to visit with each Ethiopian family and bless them with food for the week. In all six visits we found women supporting at least five children on their own. One woman's husband found it so stressful here he returned to Ethiopia. Another husband committed suicide.  Some women were suffering from depression and physical illnesses.  They were all such gentle, thankful women and deeply appreciated the food.  One Ethiopian lady invited us to sit down while she served us coffee. It wasn't just regular coffee. It was coffee beans from Ethiopia that she personally roasted while we waited and then served us from her Ethiopian coffee pot.
We saw beautiful handwork done by Ethiopian men. They sell these to support their families. They create their own designs and stitch the patterns, using mainly stories from the Bible.  As we left the community center it began to rain and the temperature began to drop.

After a quick lunch we drove out to French Hill to meet Meir. Meir has lost one leg to diabetes and may possibly lose his remaining foot.  He lives in a tiny apartment but has a strong will to be independent. He still lives alone.  We will be painting his apartment tomorrow. Please pray for us as we have the whole day to interact with Meir.  We are praying our work and words will honor G-d.

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