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Friday, October 30, 2015

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem

Another Sabbath in Jerusalem! How time is flying by and how wonderful our time has been!  After our exciting, gripping drive back through the flooded Jordan Valley yesterday we quickly walked to the Old City before stores closed in the Jewish Quarter. As we were walking thru the Jaffa Gate Jean tripped and fell splat on the ground possibly cracking a rib.  We have no pictures of the event, I wasn't quick enough with the camera and Jean refused to do a replay so we only have words and no pictures.  Hopefully her rib will quickly heal. We are thankful it did not slow down her shopping today.

We had a quick trip back to the shuk to buy food for the Sabbath this morning and took time to enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry.  Sheri and Ann got in some shopping too.  It is good that we are advancing the Israeli economy with our shopping.  We are looking forward to a quiet Shabbat tomorrow and hopefully will have pictures to share with you then.

Please continue to pray for Israel. You have probably seen on the news there were two stabbings in Israel today, one in Jerusalem and one near Ariel.  We thank G-d for His protection and continue to pray for protection for the people of Israel.

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