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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Excitement in the Galilee

NEWS FLASH!! Pensacola Woman Walks on Water at the Sea of Galilee

Hope you enjoyed the "walking on water" humor. We had a great day Wednesday taking a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee and Sheri posing afterwards doing her speciality, walking on water.  We visited a few sights in the Galilee afterwards such as the Mount of Beatitudes and Capernaum.  We also got to see the olives processed at the Olive Oil Factory.  We enjoyed another night at Verid Hagalil before heading back to Jerusalem today.

One special stop on our way was the Jordan River Baptismal Site.  Ann wanted to be baptized today even though the water was freezing and the fish were nipping at her toes.  It was a special time for her.

We didn't know what a treat we were in for when we left the Jordan River. We drove down the Jordan Valley Highway and it was raining - really raining. We have never seen so much rain in the desert.  We were stopped by the military for about 30 minutes to wait for the level of water on the road to recede and the rocks to be removed from the road.

Here you can see we were finally released to drive on.

Land on each side of the road turned into a fast flowing river, sometimes covering the road.
Crops that had been planted were swept away.

Who knew it could rain so much in the desert! It was good to follow other cars and buses so we could see how deep the water was.  As we slowly drove through fast flowing water I remembered how many times we have watched the news on TV and said, "Why would anyone drive through that water and get swept away!"  We thank G-d for His protection. One soldier told us a car had been swept away.

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Unknown said...

Great to God at work in your lives and on your behalf.