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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

When we arrived at the airport yesterday afternoon we were reminded how advanced Israel is in technology. At passport control they made a small ID card that has our picture, passport number and the date we must leave the control plus other information on it. When we went to rent a car they asked to see the new card we had just received. So, now Israel will know everywhere we conducted business while in the country and if we left the country within the 3 months allotted time for tourists.  With this new technology they will know where all legal visitors are in the country.  Interesting.

Here are a few pictures of our day today.

The first picture is of course the blooming plants at Vered Hagalil Horse Ranch and sundown at the same place. The last picture is the Sea of Galilee. The picture is a little hazy since it was so hot today. But the wind is blowing and the weather seems to be changing. Hope we have cooler days ahead.

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