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Thursday, May 02, 2013

We left the Galilee this morning and drove through the Jordan Valley to Jerusalem. Have I mentioned it was 101 degrees in the Jordan Valley today? Hot and no humidity - just the way I like it.  David dropped me and luggage at our "home away from home" and continued on to Eldan to return the rental car.  Eldan now has two offices in Jerusalem, side by side.  He drove to what he thought was the place to return the car but was told he had to go to the other office, which was about 10 feet away.  To do this he had to back down an alley that was just about the size of the small car we have been driving. He then had to back out into on coming traffic to get back around to the correct office. After they looked at the car he was told to go back to the woman he had talked to originally with his paper work to finish up.  She was still at her desk - still ten feet away.  You gotta love the system.

We have guests coming for the Sabbath so we will be out foraging for food tomorrow and getting ready for the Sabbath. I checked out the kitchen, which is kosher, and found only two large pots for cooking in the meat section of the kitchen. I called the person managing the apartments to tell her I can't cook a meal for guests with only two pots.  She said she would send a runner over with a skillet. That was 5 hours ago. No runner has arrived yet and no skillet has been found. I'm worried. Just how far does this runner have to run???

All jokes aside, it is really good to be back in Jerusalem.  The sun has set and a cool breeze is blowing. We have guests coming tomorrow and more coming on Saturday. We are praying for a wonderful time with the L-rd and with friends.  Will keep in touch.

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