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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

We had a safe flight to Israel and were greeted by unusually warm temperatures.  We decided to drive straight to our favorite place in the Galilee -Verid Hagalil for a couple of nights to recover from jet lag.  Verid Hagalil is a beautiful horse ranch with a fantastic restaurant.  As we drove from the airport north we discussed what delicious items on the menu we might enjoy upon our arrival.  Needless to say we were shocked to find the restaurant is no more. Construction is under way for another bigger and better restaurant. But for us last night it meant we had to again get in the car and go look for a place to eat.  We had some great humus, lots of salads and shishlik at Abu Salah's restaurant.

We were told at check in breakfast would be served in a room behind the office.  After a great nights sleep we showed up for breakfast.  The food was great but the setting was a bit unusual. The breakfast "bar" was presented in beautiful fashion on a pool table. If there is anything you can say about Israelis it is they are adaptable and creative.

Today we drove up on the Golan Heights and enjoyed all the beautiful flowers in bloom along with temperatures in the high 90's. It may have even reached 100 degrees for a minute or two.  The air is very dry so we were constantly drinking water.  Tomorrow we travel on to Jerusalem, we will post pictures soon.

David and Jean

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