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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


The last few days have been filled with sights, people and meetings.  We arrived from the Galilee on Thursday after enduring temperatures of 100+ while going through the Jordan Valley and arrived in Jerusalem in the early afternoon.  Friday in the Holy City is like no where else in the world.  The streets and shops were packed with people doing their last minute shopping before the stores close for the Shabbath.  Jean and I were right in the middle of all of the activity.  The open air market was crammed with people, but we made our way through to get what we needed for the evening meal.  I am always amazed at how Jean can put together a wonderful meal on such short notice.

We had over night guests for the evening and spent until the wee hours talking and catching up on what had been going on it all our lives.  Shabbath was spent with another great meal and a walk around the neighborhood where we are staying.

Sunday and Monday were also taken with meetings and foraging for food, seems to be a never ending quest.  We have another meeting today and then may have a plate of hummus at our favorite place here in the city.

Tomorrow we are going to try to work out a visit with Jetta the holocaust survivor with whom we worked last October, pray that works out.  More to come later.  David and Jean

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