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Thursday, May 09, 2013

As we said in the last blog yesterday was Jerusalem Day. I don't think we have ever seen so many people in Jerusalem at one time.  It was truly amazing. It was also good to see how much the children of this land love their capital city. Everyone was waving flags and singing songs about Jerusalem

Today we went to the Western Wall.  It was a beautiful time there. So many boys were having their Bar Mitzvah.  what was the most touching was to see each young man arrive with his family and friends.  He was covered by a hupah which signified that he was about to enter into a marriage contract with   G-d.  His family sung and shofars were blown to announce the coming wedding,  It was very moving to see the symbolism played out in front of us of the marriage of G-d to His people.  The joy touched everyone around and people were crying and singing as we watched procession after procession of young men and their families going through this ceremony.  In all our years here this was the first time to see this and feel the emotions of the moment. Here is a video of one boy's entrance into the old city.

This afternoon we went to visit a very special person. Some of you might remember Jetta, the holocaust survivor whose house we painted last October.  We went to visit her today on her 89th birthday. (She argued it was her 90th birthday)  We really didn't think she would remember us but she did. She was much more alert and chatted with us for awhile. It was bitter sweet as she told us it was a difficult day for her since she had not one relative living to wish her happy birthday.  We sung Happy Birthday to her and took her her favorite chocolate and talked for awhile. She told us about her days working with her brother beginning the first ambulance service in Israel.  She was very happy to see the chocolate.

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