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Friday, November 02, 2012

Last Sabbath in Jerusalem

Great things to do on Friday in Jerusalem

Stop by for some delicious, freshly squeezed, pomegranate juice!

Visit the famous Pinat HaHummus Restaurant! 

Pick up some freshly baked Challah on your way home!

We can't believe our time is almost finished in Jerusalem. Tomorrow afternoon we go to the airport and hopefully make our way through Philly to Pensacola. We are thankful for the opportunity to come to Israel. Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers while we have been away.  Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Touring Fun

We have had a fantastic day traveling around the country seeing beautiful sites on Wednesday. We stopped at the Druze Village to visit with "Uncle." Those of you who have traveled to Israel with us know who he is. He showed us the many things his family has made - hand made tablecloths, new silk scarves and other beautiful things.  Everyone but David bought silk scarves today.  We also stopped at the church on Mount Carmel and had our annual picture made.

After a full day we checked in at Verid Hagalil horse ranch to enjoy their new cabins and have dinner together.  There's no place in Israel with better apple pie.  We sat around the table enjoying a wonderful meal and relaxing.  Everytime we go there we see they have made improvements to the place. The new cabins are a definite improvement.  Each cabin has a small porch to sit on and watch the Sea of Galilee. Even though it was not a clear day we still enjoyed the view.  The weather has been much warmer than last October.

Today we stopped to visit the baptismal site at the Jordan River, toured the Golan Heights for a few minutes and then through the Jordan Valley up to Jerusalem. Tonight we are adjusting to all the noise and activity outside our apartment. It was much more peaceful in the Galilee last night.

Tomorrow night will be our last Sabbath meal together in Israel.  We will be checking tomorrow to see if we will be able to fly on Saturday night. Please pray that we will have on time flights back on Saturday night.