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Monday, April 30, 2012

Another day in Jerusalem

Today was spent working at Bridges for Peace.  I packed 14 crates of apples, 14 of peaches and another 14 of apples.  They were put into bags of about 5-6 pieces in each bag.  They were then to be passed out to the poor and needy over the next few days.  It has been revealing to discover how may people live in poverty here now.  It has been said that about 30 per cent of the children in Israel live below the poverty line.  I would pray that on our next work trip we can help in some of these places again.

Tomorrow is our last full day here and it is difficult to think about leaving.  It has been one of the best and also one of the most challenging times we have ever had.

See some of you soon.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Work day

 Can you pick me out of the crowd
Working at Hazon Yeshaya.  Today I was at Hazon Yeshaya working to help prepare food for the noon meal.  I peeled a lot of potatoes along with a group of Christians from Holland.  It was a very nice time as we got food ready for people who had so little.  This facility feeds many people each day as well as providing many other ways to assist those who need it most.  I think it will be a good place to return to and work with a group.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pictures from a Shabbath walk in Jerusalem

Kenesset, the seat of Israel's government

A quite park bench on a beautiful day, who is that woman??

Me with flowers

A little poppy flower among the thorns

Quite streets on Shabbath

Entrance to a building lined with roses

Another entrance

Beautiful purple flowers

Clearly an art statement, just no sure what

The church in the Valley of the Cross.

Pictures from friday in Jerusalem

Thought you might enjoy a few pictures from our time in Jerusalem.  It mainly involved eating and shopping for food for last evenings meal.

A couple of shots of Jaffa Road on Friday morning.  There are no cars or buses allowed only the light rail train.

Well also bicycles are allowed.  These two shots are of a local bike club riding through town.  Looked like they were having a good time.

 These two pictures give you an idea of the light rail system that runs through town.  It is quite nice, and relatively cheap to ride, about $1.75 per trip.

These last three pictures show you one of the most popular streets in Jerusalem on a Friday afternoon before Shabbat.  It is named Ben Yehuda or Son of Judah. It is lined with shops and restaurants.  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Shabbat in Jerusalem

The siren telling the beginning of the Sabbath just sounded over Jerusalem. A quiet settled over the city. It is a wonderful experience to be here in the only city in the world to announce the beginning of G-d's Shabbat. As Jean and I sat on the balcony resting in the peace of G-d, He gave us a gift by having three beautiful parrots fly into the trees outside our apartment. Of course at 5AM these same magnificent birds wake us every morning. We had a great time today going downtown in Jerusalem to buy food and other things to get ready for Shabbat. We went to the market along with most of the residents of the city to buy what was needed for the evening meal. Of course no trip would be complete without hummus, followed by coffee and a chocolate pastry. Our afternoon was spent visiting with friends and solving the world's problems. Jean and I would like to pray that the peace of G-d is evident in each of your lives this evening. Shabbat shalom the Holy City of G-d. David and Jean

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thought you might like some of the shots from downtown today in Jerusalem.  There was an air show as you can see, plus some shots of groups visiting Jerusalem and of course one of my sweet wife.  A beautiful Independence day in Jerusalem

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Memorial Day for Israel's Fallen

Last evening, after we had arrived in Jerusalem at about 8:00PM at the sound of the siren we all stood to honor the fallen of Israel in her wars of survival. It was a somber time as we stood together with the people of Israel to remember her sons and daughters who gave everything so Jews could live in a Land of their own, promised by G-d to their forefathers. That same atmosphere has prevailed through out the day. The only programs on television are those remembering the fallen. Their names appear with a short story given by a family member or close friend.

As we sit in our apartment in Jersalem the sun is about an hour from setting. Israel will then move from sadness to joy as her Independaence Day beginning at the moment the Rememberance Day ends. It is quite remarkable to see this transformation. This will begin the 64th year since the founding of the modern state. Pray for Israel and the challenges that are before these people. May G-d grant them wisdom and protection in the coming year.

Tomorrow we will bring you pictures of some of the celebrations here in Jerusalem.

Until then Shalom from Jerusalem. David and Jean

These pictures show some of the diversity of the country, from the snow on Mt Hermon, horses waiting for supper, the flags flying proudly for Independence Day, to the beauty of G-d's creation shown most lovely by the flowers that seem to be everywhere.  Please enjoy these, more will follow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Correction to the last entry.

Jean's mother will be undergoing the test in the hospital next Wednesday (May 2nd) not today as I wrote earlier.  Sorry about the error.

Jerusalem finally

We arrived in Jerusalem yesterday afternoon after spending a nice time in Ari'el visiting friends.  It was the first time we had traveled some of the roads for over 20 years.  Some things had changed but over all it had remained the same.  It was so beautiful, sunny and clear the entire trip.  We had a great time last evening meeting with the group here in Jerusalem and praying.

Today we get to work cleaning out the store room where our tools are being kept for us.  Not looking forward in some ways to that but we must consolidate things and put them in some order before our next work trip this fall.

Jean's mother is going into the hospital today for her test to see what is going on with the symptoms she has been experiencing.  I am sure she and Jean would appreciate to your prayers for this time.

We will write more later and try to include a few photos as well.  Tomorrow is Israel's 64th independence day and we are so excited to be here for it.  Thank you for your continued prayer support.

Shalom, David and Jean

Monday, April 23, 2012

Today starts our second day in Israel.  We went to sleep last evening at about 9:30PM and awoke at about 1:00AM.  Seems like a short night right.  Such is jet lag.  We were finally able to go back to sleep at 3:AM and slept until 7:00AM which all in all was not a bad night.  Probably will take us a couple of nights to get all that straight.  In the mean time we are going on up north today and visit some old familiar places and see what has changed.

For those of you who have stayed at Vered HaGalil you would love it this time of year.  Flowers are blooming in every corner in all the colors of the rainbow, it is truly amazing.  The peace we feel here is almost palatable.  We truly feel that G-d has wonderful things in store during the coming days and look forward to what lies ahead with great expectations. 

Tomorrow we leave here and travel to Jerusalem where we will spend the remainder of our time.  We will keep you posted each day with G-d’s help.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

We have arrived!

we have arrived in Israel after interesting flights. When we boarded the plane in Charlotte there were more tickets sold than seats available. People were standing in the isle and no where to sit. About six people were asked to leave the aircraft. Approximately one hour later we headed for Philly. As we boarded that plane a rain storm started and we sat on the runway for an hour unable to take off. But after all the excitement of the storm we arrived in Tel Viv on time. We got our rental car and left the airport to drive to Verid Hagalil in the Galilee. We just finished a wonderful dinner and will be hitting the sack very soon. It was a beautiful spring day in the Galilee. In front of our cottage we have rock rabbits and horses and a beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee. It doesn't get better than this. We will add pictures later. David and Jean

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tomorrow begins a great adventure

We leave tomorrow in the morning and arrive in Israel on Sunday afternoon. We are renting a car at the airport and driving to the Galilee for a two day stay. The weather is supposed to be beautiful while we are there, highs in the mid 70's and low in the 50's sunny everyday. We will try to keep you updated each day about what is going on and where are going next. We appreciate your daily prayers for us as we work and travel. May G-d give each of you a touch of His grace and mercy each day. For all of us, NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Pesach and our coming trip

Psach(Passover) starts in a few hours. This year our Seder will focus on freedom. As each of us look at our lives we see those areas that hold us captive, so to our detriment. I would pray that this night G-d shows you how He sees you, free of those things and wholly praising Him. It is also significant for us in that we will be doing our own return to Zion in two weeks. We will be going to Israel for two weeks, working in a Jewish retirement home for a few days. Caring for the old of Zion. I would ask you to pray for us as we go that we will do G-d's will in Israel. I thank G-d for this chance and bless Him daily for His goodness and faithfulnes in our lives. I wish you all a Happy and Kosher Pesach this year.