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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Home again

We are sitting in the Philly airport, as the sun comes up, waiting for our next flight to Charlotte and on to Pensacola. If USAIR ever needs people to do commercials for them we are the ones to do it. Our flights to and from Israel were wonderful - more leg room, smaller plane and courteous service. Much less confusion than going through NY airport. So, as long as El Al remains too expensive we will be checking USAIR tickets.

We hope you have enjoyed following our time in Israel - a uniquely wonderful time. We look forward already to the time G-d allows us to go to Israel again - may it be soon.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Last wake up in Israel

Just getting started in our last morning in Jerusalem. It is a beautiful day. The time always goes quickly and you find yourself back at the airport.  We are going downtown for one last cup of cafe afook and sweet roll. We will spend the morning packing and cleaning up the apartment before leaving for the airport this afternoon.

This trip has been filled with many diverse experiences. Our time of working was one of the most rewarding we have had in many years and we feel, through our efforts, G-d has made a difference in their lives. One unusual thing that happened was how many people from our past we met just walking down the street, people we knew here 20 years ago we kept running into. This has never happened in past trips. It was a time of renewing old relationships.

Spiritually this has been one of our most rewarding trips. Many of these experiences will take time to digest fully and we will try to share them with you as they come clearer to us.  But truly G-d has spoken to us here. Generally they concern the body's need to be spiritually prepared and alert for what is to be in the future.

We are pleased at how well the group has worked together. Gene and Corinne will be traveling on the same flight with us today. We appreciate all the work and support they have given while we've been here. Hopefully Sheri is already in the USA and making her way to Pensacola and will begin recovering quickly.

Nearing the End of a Wonderful Visit

Tonight Sheri will be going to the airport to return to the USA. Tomorrow we will be doing the same. How quickly the time has gone by.  We just got a report from the family we helped and they are very excited about their newly painted apartment. It is the first improvements done to their place since her husband died.  It was an ordained time from G-d.  We are so pleased that they are happy with the work we did. I think it was one of the best work projects we have done in years.

Today we participated in the Temple Mount Sifting Project. What a wonderful time we had. We had to drag Gene to the car. He enjoyed it so much he didn't want to leave.  I will post some pictures from the morning of sifting. Our leader at the sifting project mentioned they sometimes have volunteers come to work for a week at a time in the summer and fall. Something to think about....

We went downtown for one last time of hummus and fallafel.  I don't think any of us should check our weight for at least a month.

Please pray for Sheri as she travels. She will be leaving the apartment at noon Pensacola time (7 pm Jerusalem time) and traveling alone back to Pensacola.  We certainly enjoyed our time with her. She is team person always willing to go the second mile and do more.  May G-d richly bless her for her efforts.