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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunset in Jerusalem

Pictures from the day

Pictures from Avdat and Mitzpe Ramon

This is what happens when David doesn't listen to Jean

Corinne is calling this the enactment of the fall of man. But seriously we are thankful that David is okay. We stopped on our way to Avdat at a cliffs edge to look off at the view.  David began walking down a steep slope toward the edge of the cliff when the gravel starting sliding under him. He fell face first, his head slamming into a rock. He has injuries on his arm and leg but nothing as bad as his face.  We found a Magen David station (first aid) and asked them to check him out but they said he should go to the hospital. Being of a stubborn disposition he refused. So, I drove for the rest of the trip while he rested. Since it has been four hours since it happened we pray he is okay and will recover quickly.

Other than this mishap it was a wonderful day.  Will post more pictures later.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taking off early this morning

 Mizpe Ramon Travel Guide - VirtualTourist › ... › Middle East › Israel › Southern District

We are leaving early this morning to visit Avadat and Mitzpe Ramon. If you would like to see how beautiful this part of Israel is just go to this website and have a look. We are also going so David can get warm. 

One added post

We are sure you wanted to see a picture of Corinne leaning on the ladder. You have to read earlier post to understand this statement.

Time is running out!

Our time in Israel seems to be flying by at an incredible rate. We returned the tools to storage this morning and drove to Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park. The ruins here date back to the 2nd and 3rd century BCE (BC). It was inhabited until 12 century CE (AD) We looked at tombs and cisterns hollowed out by the inhabitants. In one burial cave appears an inscription mentioning Apollophanes, son of Sesmaios, leader of the Sidonian community of Marissa. The inscription and paintings shed light on the art, mythology and zoological erudition of the period, as well as the ethnic group of those interred (Edomite, Sidonian or Greek), family ties, burial customs and more.  David certainly enjoyed the warmer weather at the park. When we drove back up the hill to Jerusalem the temperature began to drop again.  It has been very cool most every day we've been in Jerusalem.

We plan on going out to dinner tonight to the Red Heifer Steak House for a last hurrah to celebrate our time here. Gene is certainly looking forward to tasting a little red meat.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beautiful day in Israel

Sunny and cool this Sabbath morning. We are on our way walking to the Western Wall after a great breakfast of french toast and fruit salad - created by Gene and Sheri. By the way, those of you who know Gene - he has a new name he prefers.  When he returns to Pensacola please call him Ladder. While we were working in Ramat Gan the lady of the house told us he was like a ladder because he is so tall. Every few minutes she would call Gene to help her telling him she was small and he was tall - could he please reach something for her. So, he grew into his new name of "Ladder." He really likes his new name.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shabbat in Israel

What a beautiful sunny Friday in Jerusalem. Temperatures were warm enough even for David.  The group spent time relaxing and recovering from working hard the last two days.  We also enjoyed coffee and breakfast downtown. As the sun was about to set you could hear the siren sounding to signal the beginning of the Sabbath.  Before the Sabbath began we enjoyed an afternoon of teaching from a local Bible scholar.  He had to rush off home to arrive before the Sabbath began but left us with study material and many questions to ponder.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

pictures from the day

Great Day to Be Working

Finished our second day of working with the family near Tel Aviv. It was such a wonderful day together.  We spent a lot of time before coming to Israel praying for a close connection with the person we were to work with. G-d definitely honored that request. It was such a special family and special time together. The woman is a widow with seven children. Her oldest son, 19 years old, is in the army. He came home last night so he could help us work. He helped us paint until he had to return today. The Mother, M, worked along side us both days and continued to paint when we left yesterday.

It was one of the best work experiences we have had. She was so pleased with the results. Nothing had been done to her home since her husband died. She has struggled learning to live without him and was touched by our efforts. She said it was the first improvements done to their apartment since her husband died.  Her family fled Iran in 1978 when she was a child to begin life again after persecution in Iran.

She cooked huge delicious meals for us each day which made it hard to continue working. A very generous woman.  M lives on a street that is the most narrow street we have ever seen in Israel.  Parking for cars is next to her building. The place was so small she volunteered to park our car for us. It was amazing to watch her negotiate back and forth until she got our car in the tiny parking place.

It was sad to leave today. She gave us hugs and said she was sure we would see each other again some day.  We thank G-d for the opportunity to serve the people of Israel and pray G-d blesses this family with joy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Day to be in Israel

After spending yesterday changing dollars to shekels, collecting work supplies and renting a van we left Jerusalem at 6:15 AM. Yes for all of you that have been here on work projects before - I repeat we left at 6:15 AM for Ramat Gan to work. What a dedicated group we have! We arrived at the work place at 7:30 much to the shock of the residents. We worked hard, got a lot accomplished and made some special friends.  We had a fantastic lunch and after consuming it we had a hard time getting back to work.  We finished work at 4 pm and had a concert put on by the 11 year old son playing the cello and 6 year old daughter playing the violin.  We were greatly blessed in meeting this talented family.  All seven children in the family play musical instruments.  Tomorrow we return to the same family to continue working. Please pray for us as David drives us "quickly" thru Tel Aviv traffic tomorrow.

technical difficulties

We have been having problems posting to the blog. Sorry for the delay in hearing from us. We hope we have fixed the problem.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What A Great Beginning!

As we planned our travel to Israel one person traveled by Delta and the rest of the group traveled US Air. WE all traveled approximately seven thousand miles with different stops and different departure times planning on waiting at the airport until we all arrived. As the US Air group walked off the plane the person flying Delta stepped out of the adjoining doorway. We were not supposed to arrive at the same time and could never have planned it so perfectly but G-d's timing is always perfect. What a fantastic surprise for everyone to arrive at exactly the same moment and our airplanes to park right next to each other. We arrived at our beautiful apartment and quickly went downtown to a local "very local" restaurant to enjoy a plate of hummus, salad, and soup. Then we made our way to the coffee and pastry shop so we would have the energy to walk up the hill to our apartment. Tomorrow we shop for food, get supplies and tools. Tomorrow we are off to forage for food and and accumulate our work supplies. Pray for us as we start our work on Wednesday.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Out The Door...Almost

Here we are, sitting in the Philly Airport waiting to go through one last security check before we fly to Israel. David, Jean, Gene and Corinne have Had great flights so far - all on time. We have not seen Sheri yet but hope her day is going well also. She arrives in Tel Aviv one hour before us. We hope to get some good food and a few hours of sleep as we cross the ocean. We can't wait to put our feet on "Holy Ground" and get started working and having a great time. Please pray for us while we travel.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Off we almost go. In a couple of days we will be in Israel with the help of G-d. We will be working in Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv. I will be blogging each day so please follow along. I am really excited about this trip as I believe it is a time appointed by G-d for us to be there and to be helping the people of Israel in what ever way we can. Please pray for us that we will be a true help to the people and that G-d's name will be lifted up. Shabbath Shalom to all of you.