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Thursday, September 15, 2011

It is only a few weeks before we leave for our work trip to Israel, I would ask you to pray for us and the group going. We will be in the Land from October 24th-November 3rd. We will be working in the homes of needy Israelis. Our goal is to bless the people of G-d by meeting their physical needs as best we can. I also would ask you to pray about the coming few weeks and months as they pertain to Israel. This is a very dangerous time and Israel needs all the support they can muster. The entire Middle East is in turmoil, with many enemies of Israel gathering strength to unite against her. The news bears out the facts that Israel is facing an ever increasing threat to her very existence. My sources in Israel tell me that the chance of war is increasing by the day. All of us need to be in prayer about the coming months. I have in on good authority that Israel is calling up 40,000 reserves in the coming weeks to be ready for whatever may occur. I know all of us realize that the Maker of Heaven and Earth is in control of what will be and in that we draw comfort. Let our prayers be that His will will be done and Israel's foes will be defeated both in the practical realm as well as the spiritual. Shabbath Shalom to you all David Dorris