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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Today Jean and I spent our day in the Old City of Jerusalem, especially in the Jewish Quarter. We went tot the Western Wall and had a wonderful time. It is always special but today was out of the ordinary. The power and presence of G-d was very strong today. Both Jean and I could feel that as we approached the wall itself. I thought of all the people that here and leave without considering where they are or who they stand before.

This will be our last blog before we leave tomorrow. I hope you who have read it have been touched by our daily musing. It has been a spiritually high time for us and one that we will always treasure. G-d has done great things in our time here and we look forward in h\His time to our return. Pray for us tomorrow as we fly.

Shalom from the Holy City of G-d.

David and Jean Dorris

Friday, May 06, 2011

A Day in the Judean Desert

Today was avery eventful day. We traveled with a group of about 20 people to a deep valley running from Jerusalem to Jericho. It is said to be the valley where Elijah was fed by the ravens. It was a beautiful site with a fast flowing stream, flowers all around and towering cliff faces. There was also a Monastery dating from the 5th century, and still in use. I will post pictures later. It is quite a site clinging to the side of the cliff. The day was beautiful, clear and cool. For those of you who like winding one lane roads you would have loved this trip. It was very difficult to pass another car and there were no guard rails, just my kind of road.

The most special time was a baptism service in one of the pools of water in the valley. Some friends of ours had a time for their two oldest sons to be immersed in the stream. It was very special and we felt honored to be part of it.

Tomorrow is the Shabbath, and also our last full day in Israel. It is always so difficult to leave, it never gets easier. Please pray for us these last couple of days. See some of you soon. David and Jean from the Holy City Shabbath Shalom

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hot Day in Jerusalem

Yesterday was a busy day for Jean and I. We were in a meeting until about 10:30PM, then a bus ride home to our little apartment, sitting up talking until midnight. I think I am getting to old to stay up to midnight. The meeting was very productive for us and also a time to get together with friends. The weather was spectacular yesterday, with a high around 74 and last night was cool and clear.

Today is another story. It is hazy and hot. Here it is called a sharav, dry dusty and hot, not my favorite. We are going to walk and look at another two places where we might be able to house a group in October. It is two apartments of two bedrooms each. They are located in the same building so it might work. It is just a short walk to the middle of downtown which would also be nice. Another meeting after that and then dinner with friends tonight. Our time is going far to quickly with only a few days left before we leave. However it has been a very productive trip for us and one that I think will bear fruit in the future. Thank each of you for your prayers, I feel better each day and only have a slight cough remaining.

May G-d bless you all today with peace and mercy.


Monday, May 02, 2011

Yom HaShoah

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day here in Israel. Jean and I were in central Jerusalem when the siren was sounded. It is an awesome sight to see the city come to a stop for 2 minutes. Cars stop and drivers stand silently by their autos. There is no sound except for the wail of the siren. I would hope each of us would pray for the people still living who went through this awful time in world history. Their only reason for being singled out for murder by the Nazis was that they were Jewish. Never should this happen again in human history. We must be vigilant in our stand against such evil in this world.

n the midst of this somber day it was good to hear that finally Usama Bin Laden had been killed. Here in Jerusalem there was support and encouragement from the people and from the government of Israel. Americans are in no danger here, in fact there is a sense of commonality of focus and thought between Israel and America as we both deal with terrorists around the world.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Holocaust Remembrance Day has just begun in Israel. It is for the 6 million Jews that were murdered by the Nazis. This past weekJean and I renewed an old friendship with a lady in Hod HaSharon. She and her husband came to Israel in 1948 from the camps. They had no other family. It was quite sobering to sit and talk to her about those years and her time in Israel. I would pray that each of you that read our blog would take time to remember and pray for the people still alive from that time and that still struggle with the memories.

Today we also visited the home of Marcel. We painted her house a year ago and it was good to see her again. She is well and thanked all who came to help her.

Tomorrow Jean and I are visiting a few places that we may use as a base for our coming trip in October. Pray that we are open to the leading of G-d in everything we do each day. Shalom from the city of G-d.

David and Jean