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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shabbath in Jerusalem

Today is a rainy day in Jerusalem. The sky is overcast and the temps in the mid 60's. Maybe it is an appropriate way to lead up to Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is always a somber day as Israel remembers the six million who perished. The day will be given over to stories of survivors and programs to keep alive what happened 70 years ago. Today there are people who deny that it ever took place, I would pray all of us who have the ability would speak out against such lies. Jean and I are going to try to get to some of the events and take part in all we can.

Tomorrow we also visit Marcel the lady who has been in wheel chair for the last 27 years. Our group painted her apartment last year and she seemed thrilled to hear that we are coming over for a visit.

Please pray for me, I have had a nagging cough since we arrived and can not seem to be done with it. May G-d bless each of you with His love and mercy.

David and Jean

Friday, April 29, 2011

Our second Shabbath in Jerusalem

Today has been a special day in Jerusalem. Jean and I joined pretty much every person in Israel (or so it seemed) to do our Shabbath shopping in the shuk in Jerusalem. It was a really nice time, seeing shop owners that we had not seen in a year and getting those things we needed for the meal tonight. In a couple of hours the siren will sound here in Jerusalem to welcome in the Shabbath and we will light the candles. There is really no city on earth like this one. G-d's presence rested here and still rests here. It is evident as you approach Shabbath that this is no ordinary day. Jean and I pray for each of you His peace this day and rest in Him. Shabbath Shalom

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today we moved into our little two room apartment. It is in the center of town which sounds wonderful (and it is) until you have to drive through Jerusalem traffic to get to it. I had to let Jean out with our luggage to sit beside the street until I could return the car and walk ( as quickly as possible) to get back to her and check in. The car return and walk taking about 30 minutes. After settling in we wen to the shuk to buy what we needed for the next few days. Our arms are for sure longer now than they were when we set out. To top it all off it rained today which is very strange for this time of year. Tomorrow we meet the daughter of Rosa to give her the money we have collected ($300.00). She it very excited about it. Rosa is still unable to cope with meeting people. After that meeting our goal for the day is to get whatever we need for the Shabbath, so I think our arms will get another workout. Please continue to pray for us, especially tomorrow when we meet with Rosa's daughter. G-d bless each of you tomorrow as you prepare for the Shabbath. Shalom, David and Jean

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day in the North

Yesterday Jean and I went to Modi'ine to visit a good friend of ours and spent the night with her and her son. We had a great time visiting and stayed up until past midnight talking and checking up on how all our lives were going. Our discussions ranged from theological to the more mundane day to day. Food was great and the conversation was stimulating. We left at around 9:00AM this morning and stopped at our favorite cafe in Hod HaSharon. We sat and talked with the owner, a wonderful lady, for a long time. Her business is one of the ten oldest in Israel and was recently featured on Israel TV. After our time with her we went on to Caesarea to have a great meal at a seaside restaurant. Jean found a kitty to feed so she was right at home. The flowers in the North were beautiful today with poppies and holly hocks in full bloom. We check into our small apartment tomorrow for the remainder of our stay, our time is going much to quickly. May G-d bless you all each day. David and Jean

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We are approaching the beginning of the holiday marking the end of Passover. It begins in just a couple of hours. Today has been a day filled with soaking in the beauty of the Holy City of Jerusalem, unlike any other place in the world. The streets were filled with people getting whatever they need for the meal tonight and enjoying the beautiful weather. The sky was crystal clear with a view of the Dead Sea possible from the Mt of Olives. We were able to meet with old friends and have a cup of coffee at a little outside cafe on Jaffa Road. Tomorrow will be a quite day and then on Tuesday we travel North of a couple of days before returning to Jerusalem for the last ten days of our stay. When we return we hope to visit some of the homes where we have worked in the past few years. I look forward to seeing some of these friends again and to see how they are coming along. Please continue to pray for us during our time here that every minute will be spent just as the Father would have us spend it. Hag Samach to each of you. David and Jean from the eternal city.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shabbath in Jerusalem

After 12 hours of sleep, Jean and I are off for our Shabbath walk. It is a beautiful day today, sunny and cool. Have a busy week coming up. We rent a car tomorrow to keep for a few days. We also are going to visit the woman who needs help and also some of the people where we have worked in the past just to see how they are doing. Our time goes so quickly here. I would ask you all to pray for us each day that we are aware of what G-d would have us to do, and how to use our times to the best. Off to walk will talk again tomorrow. David and Jean

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jean and I arrive in Israel yesterday afternoon and were met by friends when we exited the arrival hall. The drive to Jerusalem was beautiful. The wild poppies and holly hocks were blooming in all the fields as we drove up the hill to the city. The weather is great. We left Pensacola with 85 degrees arrived here to about 55 degrees and low humidity. Today is taken with a meeting with the group that is our spiritual covering which should be very good. As my head clears I will write more. We went to bed at 9:00Pm woke up at 2:00AM, which if you are wondering is not a good thing. We will see how today goes. Pray for us as we have a pretty full schedule but are looking forward to what G-d will do. Shalom David and Jean

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Almost time

In just a few days Jean and I are off for a stay in Israel. We ask our friends to pray for us and the people whom we will impact. I will be posting a daily blog with G-d's help to keep you updated.