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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The group arrived home yesterday after about thirty hours on the road. The flights went well with ELAL again winning the best airlines award by a mile. We all left Israel with mixed emotions. Looking forward to seeing family and friends here in America. However with a sense of remorse in leaving new found friends in Israel. I think the people of Israel changed us forever. The vendors on the streets or just the people on the city buses that we met each day. Of course those that changed us the most were those in whose we worked and sweated each day. Those with whom we forged a special bond that will last a eternity. Please pray for them. Also please pray for Israel. During our time there the whole Gaza boat incident happened and the world was quick to pounce on Israel as the aggressor. However, being in the country and seeing the local reaction to the incident gave a far different picture of what happened and left us to ask why the world is so quick to judge Israel for something that any country would do to protect it's citizens.

We have returned but G-d willing we will be there again in a few months. If you are interested in coming on the trip of a life time please contact us. Shalom David

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Today we had a great day of touring and seeing the sights in the Galilee and in the Jordan Valley. It was a long day and hot but I think everyone enjoyed it. We ended the day in Qumran and then came up to Jerusalem to end the day. I can not thank G-d enough for the time here. The spiritual feeling has been wonderful and I think each person here has been deeply touched by G-d. We have been able to touch the lives of people as never before and it has been awsome. Please forgive any spelling errors I usually depend on Jean to do this and she is much better.

Tomorrow we tour the Old City and then on Tuesday evening head for home :(. It will be hard to leave but we know G-d has much more for us. Continue to pray for us. David

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Yesterday and today were spent touring in the north of Israel. Probably one of the most impressive sights was to be in Metulla in the very most north of the country and see how close the enemies of Israel are to the civilian population of Israel. Especially give the events of the last few days with the so called mercy ships that were stopped before they got to Gaza. I would hope that each of you are praying about the situation. Tomorrow it is off to Jerusalem and will write more then.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Last Work Day

Today was a wonderful day. We finished the work in the handicapped woman house and more than the work had a glorius day of fellowship with her and some other people in her house. Physically it was a titing day but the spiritual rewards made it more than worthwhile. Tomorrow we go to do some fun things like doing the dig of the Temple Mount rubble and a visit to the Kennesit for a tour. We have a guest speaker tonight and also tomorrow night. Please continue to pray for us each day and for the little country that is the apple of G-d's eye. David

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Today was a great day of work. We worked at the home of an Ethiopian woman and it was a great day. Her house looked great after we finished, white makes everything look better. We has a great Ethiopian meal and a good prayer time together. The other team also worked in the home of an Ethiopian immigrant today as well. We thank G-d for the chance to bless these people the sons and daughters of Abraham. Tomorrow we have another day of painting and then on the dig here in Jerusalem. Thank each of you who pray for us, this has been and will continue to be a blessing to these people and also to each of us. Pray for Israel as well with all the world pressure after the incident in the Med yesterday. The information that you receive there is no the whole truth. Have a good day today. May G-d bless each of you.