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Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Work Day

Four of us spent the day Sunday painting an apartment of a Jewish believer in Jerusalem. She is a single woman who lives with her 96 year-old mother. It was an easy work day because the work space was all ready and prepared for us to start - not standard procedure here :) Everything was off the walls and all the furniture was moved so that we could go to work - it ended up taking us only half a day.

Since yesterday was the beginning of the holiday of Shavout (celebrated in the Christian church as Pentacost) - it is treated like a Shabbat and everything shuts down. The Jewish community stays up all night - studying the Torah - - as this holiday celebrates the giving of the Torah. It is one of the BIG three holidays where all Jewish males are commanded to go to Jerusalem if possible - so at daybreak we walked down to the Western Wall in the Old City and there were at least 30,000 people smunched together praying at the Wall. An awesome and moving sight to see.

Our last day in Jerusalem is tomorrow - pray for our safety and safe return to our families in the States and that whatever seeds we were able to plant will be nurtured and grown ad G-d wills it

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Leaving Haifa

Today saw the end of our last work day in Haifa. It was about 100 degrees so it was plenty hot. I think the two families were happy with our work. I thought the places looked very nice when we finished. Jean D'Anne and I did get about an hour on the beach in Haifa so that was a nice way to finish off the day. We went to Karmiel and had dinner with a friend of ours from America. Some of you may remember Danny Kerkivel. He now works with Bridges for Peace and was able to help us for a couple of days.

Tomorrow we return to Jerusalem via the Jordan Valley and the Sea of Galilee.

Continue to pray for us, we have one more work day on Sunday right before Shavuot.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

First Work Day

Today was our first work day in Haifa. We split up into two work groups with each of the groups working in the homes of single mothers. The homes were in pretty bad shape with a lot of mold and peeling paint. We were able to get a good start with each house and will be back tomorrow and probably finish up on Thursday. We will head back to Jerusalem on Friday morning.

Yesterday was Jerusalem Day and it was quite an experience. We all went over to the old city to watch the parade, but the most interesting thing was watching the people passing by. Jerusalem in one of the most interesting places in the world. You can literally see the world pass. As we were going back to the hotel room a group of young orthodox men stopped traffic and and danced and sung for a long time, it was really something to see. Eventually a group of soldiers joined them and were singing and dancing. So as I said it like no other place on the planet.

Well must get off to bed and get ready for the coming day. Please continue to pray for us each day that the love of G-d will be evident in everything we do.