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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

David and Jean arrived in Israel May 23rd just in time to enjoy the Sabbath with friends in Modiin. Sunday they drove to Haifa to check out the possible work projects to be done. The first place visited was a Russian immigrant and her 14 year old son. She lives in 2 rooms, she is a single mother. The bathroom has mold and peeling paint falling from the walls. The window frames in the kitchen have gaps between the wood and window panes allowing wind and rain to come in. All her doors and windows have paint peeling and will need to be sanded and painted. Her only work is a part time job paying minimum wage.
The second work site in Haifa is near the sea. Again it is a single Mother who immigrated from Russia. She has a son in the army with mental problems and at this time is AWOL. She has two small rooms with mold in the bathroom and kitchen. The outside wall on the porch is cracked allowing water to come into the apartment and security bars that are rusted and needing paint. Both women live in poor rundown neighborhoods.
Since these women are Russian they have a limited knowledge of Hebrew and speak no English. Please pray for us that we will be able to communicate with them and touch them spiritually, giving them hope for the future.