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Friday, October 26, 2007

Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to make this posting. The experience in Tel Aviv was really something. We went to work on Wednesday and worked pretty much all day. There were at least 10 girls that came in and out during the day. It was very difficult to see these young women, part of the chosen of G-d and the state they were in. Some had been beaten, all were hungry and tired and looking for a safe place to rest and recover from a night of trauma. Most were drug addicts and all had major probelms. I kept thinking that here were the daughters of mothers and fathers that had no idea what had happened to their children. To say it was a heavy two days would be an understatement. We prayed before we went and while we were there.

However in the middle of it all were rays of hope. We know that G-d loves them and wants them to be aware of that love that can fill the dark places in their lives. After a fresh coat of white paint the place looked much better. We were also able to leave them ten sets of sheets and a blanket as well as buying a freezer to help with the food situation and for that I am truly thankful.

Tonight we had a nice kabbalat shabbat in our room after a day in the old city of Jerusalem. It is quite a sight to see the full moon rise over the Holy City.

Tomorrow we go north for a few days so you will not hear from us until Tuesday of the coming week.

Thank you all for your prayers for us please continue. Please pray that Jean and I find our camera that has gone missing.

Shabbat Shalom to you all.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Today in Israel

We arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday after a good flight on ELAL. Most of you know Gil our driver. He picked us up and brought us to the Holy City and after a great supper at Mt. Zion we all turned in for a well deserved night of rest. I woke up at 1:00AM and thought it was 5:00AM. So much for a good nights sleep. In any case, we had a good bradkfast at the Hotel and then traveled down town in Jerusalem to change money and to do a little shopping at the Shuk.

The women stayed down town while Johnny, Ernie and I traveled to Tel Aviv to vist the first work place. Please pray for us as we work at this place for both spiritual protectiona and physical protection. The people that work at the site in Tel Aviv minister to the physical and spiritual needs of some of the most needy people in Tel Aviv. While we were there, there were two women asleep in the center. These people are in a terrible condition, being both prostitutes and drug addicts. Even among these groups they are at the bottom of the ladder. Most sleep on the streets and so are victim to any and everybody that comes by. The place itself is in terrible repair. The ceilings drip of sewage from the street above and mold is ever present. But with G-d's help we can make a difference in the days to come.

We do need your prayer support each day and appreciate that we can call on each of you.

I will follow up tomorrow after our first full day.

May G-d bless you out of Zion.