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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We're here!

We hit the ground running. After an excruciatingly long airplane ride - we arrived at the hotel safe and sound - the airplane we were on was delayed 1 and 1/2 hours on the ground in Atlanta and then we endured a 12 hour plane ride to Tel Aviv. We arrived at the hotel after dinner hours but they graciously held dinner for us

My group had a great first two days in the home of Aliza and Eitan and their 4 children - Eitan is an employee of the local phone company and was stabbed and shot outside the Damasxus Gate - while he waited in his car for other employees to join him in laying phone cable two years ago. We painted their entire apartment (for a family of 6 - the 900 square feet was very cramped) and repaired a leaking ceiling. Aliza insisted on feeding us both days - and would not take no for an answer whe we were asked if we were hungry or thirsty. We took the family gifts today - which they graciously accepted - with humble hearts. It is difficult to give the gifts sometimes - we must find a way that makes them feel special and not be condensending -

Aliza creid when we left today - she said it had been so nice to have people in her home for hte last two days and that we (and all of our friends adn family - "anyone i our congregation" ) were welcome to come stay with them when we were in the country or if we needed a meal - they were so grateful - tomorrow - we will take atour of the Holy City before the holiay of Shavuot - and on Saturday we will go to Qumran and Masada before the next work project.

Love to you all

Friday, May 26, 2006

Two Days and counting

We leave in two days and everyone is excited to finally get to the Land. We have a group of 15 people from all over America who will be participating in this trip. People from all walks of life and from 18 years old to 63. We will be working in homes mainly in Jerusalem but also in several other cities. Our one goal is to make life a little more pleasant for these people who have suffered so much. We will keep you updated on the progress of the time in Israel and what we experience each day. Next week in Jerusalem.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

May - June Itinerary 2006

Proposed Itinerary for May 2006 Trip

May 28 Sunday 10:45 PM Leave Atlanta on El Al Flight8864 and arrive Tel Aviv 5:45

May 29 Monday 7:30 PM Arrive at Hotel
Check in and dinner at the hotel

May 30 Tuesday 6:30 AM breakfast
7:15 AM prayer time
8:00 AM leave to change money and pick up supplies
10:00 AM begin first work project
4:30 PM return to hotel
6:30 PM dinner at hotel

May 31 Wednesday 6:30 AM breakfast
7:15 AM prayer time
8:00 AM leave for second work site
4:30 PM return to hotel
6:30 PM dinner at hotel
Orna Grinman speaks to group before or after dinner-check with Orna to confirm time

June 1 Thursday 6:30 AM breakfast
7:15 AM prayer time
8:00 AM leave for old city and downtown
Shavout begins at sundown

June 2 Friday 7:00 AM breakfast
Go to Western Wall for Shavout
Worship time together in the afternoon
Sabbath meal at hotel

June 3 Saturday 6:30 AM Breakfast
7:15 AM Prayer Time
8:30 AM Leave for Massada, Tabernacle and swim in Dead Sea
6:30 PM Dinner at hotel

June 4 Sunday 6:30 AM Breakfast
7:15 AM Prayer time
8:00 AM leave for third work day
5:00 PM Worship with King of Kings Congregation
7:00 PM Dinner at hotel

June 5 Monday 6:30 AM Breakfast
7:15 AM Prayer time
8:00 AM Leave for the Galilee- on the way we will visit Caesarea,
Bet Shemesh, Daliat Al HaCarmel, Megiddo.
Check in at Verid Hagalil
Dinner and boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

June 6 Tuesday 6:30 AM Breakfast
7:15 AM Prayer time
8:00 AM leave for Nimrod’s Castle, Tour the Golan Heights, Visit the Jordan Baptismal Site and return to Jerusalem via the Jordan Valley
7:00 PM Dinner at local Italian Restaurant

June 7 Wednesday 7:00 AM breakfast at hotel
8:00 AM Leave for Fourth Work Day
Dinner at hotel

June 8 Thursday Breakfast at hotel
Free day to swim or shop
6:15 PM Dinner at the hotel
7:00 PM Have luggage in the lobby and ready to leave for airport
11:45 PM Leave on El Al Flight 8863 for Atlanta

June 9 Friday Arrive Atlanta 6:00 AM

Mount Zion Hotel
17 Hebron Road
Phone: 972-2-568-9555
FAX: 972-2-673-1425
May 29-June 4 and
June 6-8
night of June 8 leave for the airport

Vered Hagalil
M.P. Korazim
Galilee, Israel
Phone: 972-4-693-5785
FAX: 972-4-693-4964
Night of June 5